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Dr. K.T.N. Murthy

"Charity begins at home. but should not end there" Keeping this in mind, Dr. K.T.N. Murthy , Chairman and Managing Director of Amruthakrishna Group of Companies always strive to be involved in all social and spiritual activities, which address the socio-economic growth of the community.

To cater the needs of the not so privileged, Dr. K.T.N. Murthy has floated a non-profit organization namely Amruthakrishna Foundation. The foundation is booming with activities and working towards the economic growth of the poor, needy and downtrodden.

Amruthakrishna Group of Companies are in to Project Management; financial Management; Power Generation and other vested interests in the arenas of Real Estate; Farms and Grooves etc. For more details please log on to

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